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News & Updates
New Broughton Weather Station Summary
Thanks to Tristan Bennett we have a new weather summary page for the Broughton weather station.

NTVO Registration
The time has come to register for the NTVO 2013
and order your T-Shirt. Just go to the
registration page and follow the links.

The X-Hill Challenge

Frank Adler has proposed and set up a new friendly competition for all you budding hike and fly pilots out there.

Details are available here

Introductory Meteorology Course
Bob Leighton from the Bureau of Meteorology gave an interesting talk at our recent Club Meeting and spoke about an introductory course available from the Bureau.

Updated AIRSPACE info.
AU airspace and CAR166 airports now available in OpenAir format and as a global google map overlay. Go to Resources - Airspace.

Airspace info extended

Global airspace now available in OpenAir format! Plus a free software tool to display the airspace along with your flights!

Updated sponsors for 2011
We have seen great support from our sponsors with amazing prizes for this year's events. Check them out on our homepage and visit them when you're in Bright!

Welcome Pack

Novice Rep Stephen McCulloch has assembled a great resource for all members.

Updated video section
New videos on concertina folding and a beauty of a video on Flowerdale are the latest additions. Go to Resources - Video Favorites to check them out.

Safety Committee Members listing
Check out our committee page (see footer) to discover who is currently on our Skyhigh Safety Committee.

Insurance section added!
Check out Ressources - Insurance.

@SkyhighPG - We're now on Twitter.
Finally! Last minute updates on flight conditions from your favorite sites around VIC. Check-out our Twitter group implementation here.

For sale section moved to Yahoo.
No more waiting for the webmaster, sell your second hand gear interactively through the Skyhigh Yahoo Group website.

Video favorites available.
Check out our video favorites selection under the resources tab. Feel free to share your favorite videos and send a link to the webmaster.

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First Aid Course

Brand new in 2010 we will offer a first aid course available to all members who register on time.
The course will take place... 
...on the 28th of August 2010 the  Retreat Hotel, 
...start at 11:30 am.

To register, please send an email to

The course will take the full afternoon, is open to Skyhigh members 
and is subsidised by the VHPA. The certification is HLTFA301B, what 
used to be level 2. Airst Aid is a valuable skill for any pilot so 
ensure your membership is up to date and register now by emailing .  

You will ned to provide name, address and date of 

The course has an online component which needs to be completed a 
fews days beforehand, so sign up soon! 

Places are limited and on a  first come, first serve basis. 

We will hold a
group study session for the online component next 
Sunday the 22/08/2010 at the Harlequin Rugby Club, Ashwood Reserve, Power 
Avenue Holmesglen 

For further information about the course please visit   or contact Greg Jarvis on 0407 047 797 
(0r 9752 3626).