New Member

SkyHigh welcomes new members but you must first be a current member of the HGFA. Please check your HGFA membership here.

  • You must use your own personal PayPal account to complete the payment. If you don't have a PayPal account you will have to enter your credit card and all other information. NOTE: Bank Transfer EFT payments are not accepted.
  • Please enter your HGFA number very carefully. Your name, email address and other details will be obtained from your PayPal account so do not use someone else's PayPal account.
  • You will receive an invitation to join the SkyHigh Google Group Forum via email. Please accept it.

Pay $35 for your new SkyHigh membership via PayPal (or credit card) below:

If you see that you are already in the SkyHigh membership list then go to Renew Membership.

If your HGFA number is invalid or has expired then go to Check HGFA Membership.