SkyHigh Club Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month (except January and November). Club meetings are a great way to hear of other people’s flying stories, general safety matters, topics of interest from guest speakers, upcoming events and people’s plans for flying.

Each month we recognise a pilot for the best ‘Flight of the Month’. We also have a ‘Koala award’ which is bestowed on a pilot who has found themselves in a tree in the past month. There’s a saying in the club that there are only two types of paragliding pilots: those who’ve landed in a tree and those who have yet to land in a tree, so while this award is made in good humour it also serves as a good opportunity to hear about what not to do. Obviously, a tree landing can be very dangerous.

Committee Meetings are also held monthly and members are always encouraged to join the Committee to help in the running of the Club.

See the Calendar for Meeting times and venues.