How to add a new GH site

First of all, thank you so much for considering contributing to our map. To have the best results, please use a computer rather than a phone as it might be difficult to add new locations using your phone. The process is fairly easy:

1) Please Open this link in a new tab. You will see a "Google My Map" like this:

  • Important note for Apple users: If you are using an Apple product, make sure you will open the link in a new tab (not in Google Map)

2) Zoom in and find the location that you want to add to the map and then click on the location pin icon and pin the location you want to add. You will see a pop-up window like:

3 ) Add a name for your location and provide a detailed description. You may add a photo of the site as well. Please include the best wind direction for the site in the description. Here are some good examples :

4) Thank you so much. You are done. You may close the map.