Craigie Road

Craigie Road is a RESTRICTED site.

Flying at Craigie Road requires site induction for all PG4/PG5 pilots by an endorsed PG5 (or above).
Please complete the induction form below.

Craigie Road, Mt Martha is a complex coastal site situation on the Mornington Peninsula.

PG Rating: PG5 (PG4 Supervised), or requires endorsement for PG4/PG5 to fly unsupervised. (see below)

· Gate must remain locked at all times

· There is no safe landing below or to the left of launch

· Before launching ensure that the wind direction and strength are sufficient to clear the terrain at the right in order to reach a safe landing area on Bird Rock beach.

· Before launching check that the wind is not coming from the direction of the headland just to the right of launch. This headland causes strong sink and rotor.

· After inflating the wing but before committing to launch it is recommended that the pilot should “feel” for the effect of rotor on the wing.

· After launching, build some height in front of the launch before trying to go off to the right towards the landing zone, due to possible sink and or rotor from the point out in front.

· Limited parking of only six vehicles so be considerate of locals by using the main road or alternative parking location only 180 meters walk via path.

· The main bottom landing is on the beach around the point to the right from launch. Generally the wind will have some south in it so approach with height and land in a southerly direction.

· Experienced pilots may top land on launch in appropriate conditions only.

· Top Landing consider:

o Powerlines behind launch along road.

o The Busy road immediately behind launch

o Houses behind launch

o Rotor points from tall trees neighbouring launch

o Lack of a bottom landing options if the wind is dropping off or going crossed

· Weather - The bay has its own unique weather patterns especially when it has more westerly component to it. It is not uncommon to see gust fronts of 25 knots to suddenly appear and on occasions gust fronts of 40 knots do come through likely due to topography of west coast out front. Excellent situation awareness is needed.

To obtain the gate lock combination, log onto the members only section of the SAFA website. From the side menu, select Documents, then Operational Information. Download and view the Flinders Monument PDF file.