There are many weather resources available on the internet and the ones you use may depend on the type of flying (coastal or inland) and your personal preferences.

Wally's Weekly Weekend Weather Wisdom - 5W

Thinking about inland this weekend? Check it out - Wally is now taking the guess work out of weather forecasting and giving you hot tips on where to fly inland this weekend! He explains the meteorology very well. New forecast videos on Thursday nights here. Thanks to Wally at Bright Flight.

Weather Websites

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology ("BoM") website is the best place to start familiarising yourself with weather forecasting tools. You may find some of the following BoM pages helpful:

Weather Apps:

Club Site Weather Stations

The club maintains weather stations at Flowerdale and Mt Broughton launches, and links to weather stations for several other popular sites can be found in the Flying Sites section.

If you are looking for additional information on weather and wind conditions around Melbourne there are many other websites which you may find useful: