XC competitions can really help to advance your cross country skills ... but be careful because if you are very competitive by nature, you might be tempted to push your limits too hard ... with disastrous consequences.

If you want to get into XC Comps, a good idea is to find a more experienced mentor who can give advice and monitor your progress. The Club Forum is a good place to ask for someone to help you.

Full-on XC comps can be a bit daunting for the first-timer. Here are a couple ideas for you to have a go ...

NTVO - the Southern Summer Series has a special category for SkyHigh members attending the NTVO event. Perfect for your 1st comp.

Wings Out West - is an XC comp aimed at first-timers. It is also a great introduction to flatland flying.

Victorian Turnpoint Challenge (VIC TpC)

The TpC is a free, fun and informal challenge to encourage pilots to venture away from the hill

  • Fly with purpose, develop your skills, make new friends.

  • State wide, all inclusive, season long event commencing 1/9/19

  • It will cater for pilots of all skill level, novices encouraged to compete

A waypoint file with the registered turn points for the challenge will be provided for pilots.

There are 2 challenges:

1. Collect as many registered turn points as possible in the season (Highest total number of turn points collected over a season).

  • One Turn point counts once. Challenge is to get all local turn points on weak days and gradually expand out to get more remote turn points on better days / longer flights.

  • Pilots within each pilot category who gets the most turn point 'hits ' within the season wins

2. Collect as many turn points as possible in a single flight.

  • Same turn points can be claimed more than once on one day but have to be preceded by another listed turn point (Encourages circuits and out/returns)

  • challenge is for most turn points achieved in one day (Current record is 12)

Registration is now open and pilots can begin to submit track logs from flights on or after the 1/9/19

Competition Organiser: Mike Chapman

To register and for further information head here:

Southern Summer Series (SSS)

The SSS is your perfect entry into the exciting and fun World of Paragliding racing.

  • Suitable for any PG-3 and up pilots who are confident in leaving the hill and going for a XC flight

  • Tasks will be set from 1 Sep - 30 Mar 2020 on every* task-able weekend (potentially 2 tasks per weekend).

  • Only your best flights count (FTV: 40%) so even the most busy of us can take part and have stab at it.

  • Competition days will be announced on each Thu before the weekend

  • 50:50 split between Melbourne and Bright flying locations (driven by weather and task committee availability)

  • Comp fees: $20 prize pool contribution for the season

  • Please get your registration in early to not miss out on scoring points.

Competition Organiser: Frank Adler

*To register and for further information head here:

Registration | SSS Handbook 2020

Any questions, please contact the relevant comp organiser.