There are thousands of paragliding videos on YouTube ... mainly featuring crashes ... but we will try to collect some really good ones here. 

Let's start with videos from Ian Dayble, Geti G, Joshie T, Michael Light.  See below ...

You must buy a copy of Jockey Sanderson's "Security in Flight II" ... the best!

More suggestions: Antoine Girard ; Téo Bouvard ... See below ...

If you have flown on the coast then you will be in one of Ian Dayble's videos ... which are really valuable for new pilots who want to check out coastal flying sites: 

Ground handling at its best. Geti G's videos are an art form ... and show you something to strive for: 

Joshie T's videos have some really interesting camera and video effects as well as stunning locations. Josh has recently returned from a flying trip to South America:

Antoine Girard (thx Anesh)

Weather Forecast - VIC (1).pptx