Flying Sites

Flying Sites

Following is a list of Victorian sites that are most frequently flown by SkyHigh pilots. The VHPA Site Guide lists all sites.

East Coast flying sites:

East Inland flying sites:

West Coast Flying sites:

  • Spion Kop (Fairhaven, Aireys, Moggs) (PG2) - you MUST​ also hold a Spion endorsement to fly this site

  • Bells Beach (Southside and Jarosite) (PG2)

  • Apollo Bay (Mariners Lookout) (PG2)

  • Johanna (PG4)

West Inland Sites:

Please refer to the Site Guide on the VHPA website for a complete listing of all sites.

Restricted Sites:

Skyhigh manage a number of sites that have been assessed as sensitive and/or restricted. This classification has been placed on the site because of technical/environmental difficulties with the site, restrictions by the site owners, or the close proximity of flying activities to populated areas. These sites are rated as PG5 and are therefore restricted to flying activities by:

  • PG5 or PG4 pilots with a "site endorsement"

  • PG4 or PG5 under direct supervision of a PG5 (or higher) endorsed pilot.