Southern Summer Series

Southern Summer Series (SSS)

The SSS is your perfect entry into the exciting and fun World of Paragliding racing.

  • Suitable for any PG-3 and up pilots who are confident in leaving the hill and going for a XC flight
  • Tasks will be set from 1 Sep - 30 Mar 2020 on every* task-able weekend (potentially 2 tasks per weekend).
  • Only your best flights count (FTV: 40%) so even the most busy of us can take part and have stab at it.
  • Competition days will be announced on each Thu before the weekend
  • 50:50 split between Melbourne and Bright flying locations (driven by weather and task committee availability)
  • Comp fees: $20 prize pool contribution for the season
  • Please get your registration in early to not miss out on scoring points.

Competition Organiser: Frank Adler

*To register and for further information head here:

Registration | SSS Handbook 2020