Swing-n-Flings are one of the great benefits of belonging to the SkyHigh Club.

At these events, members can practice the deployment of their reserve parachute and have it re-packed by professionals for a very reasonable price. Since it is highly advisable to have your reserve re-packed at least once per year, the Swing-n-fling is a great way to get this done.

There are 4 Swing-n-Fling sessions (4 Sundays of August), held at Auburn High School (entrance).
Sessions run from 9AM to 1PM on 8th, 15th, 22th, 29th of August 2021.
On each session, 25 reserve repacks will be done. First in best dressed!
Bring your normal flying gear : wing, harness, gloves, helmet.

Session Bookings must be made if you want to attend.
Standard (round or square) reserves are repacked on-site for $50 each.
Steerable/Rogallo reserves (such as Beamer), can be left with a packer and re-packed off site for $100.
It is preferred that steerable reserves are dropped on August 8 or 15th session, and then collected on some subsequent session (or pick up negotiated directly with the packer).

Payment for on-site repacks is via PayPal (incl. bank card), no other payment method will be accepted.
Payment for steerable reserve repacks is in cash directly to a packer (please do NOT pay with the form below).

You must be a current member of both the SkyHigh Club and the SAFA to make session booking and payment for the Swing-n-Fling reserve repack.
If you want to make a double booking (eg. if you have 2 reserves) then you must make 2 separate payments.
Do not pay for someone else because your PayPal details will be used to record the payment.

For on-site repacks, please pay in the form below.
For any booking, please add your date preference to the Swing-n-Fling Session Booking spreadsheet.

If you really need to change your session booking you must negotiate this either directly with another pilot in that session or via SkyHigh Google Group.

Check out Johann's excellent video below, and Anna's video of the dangers of Swing-n-Fling


Click on the video if it doesn't play on your phone.